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Coralia Boardgame Huch EN/NL/FR/DE

Coralia NEW Boardgame, Huch Off the coast of an ancient, half-sunken pirate island, you are marine biologist working on the preservation of the coral reefs. With the aid of your diving robots, the ROV's, you'll try to discover unique and special species among the reefs. During your exploration, you might even uncover long lost treasures. Place your ROV's wisely and gather the best data, for greatness awaits the most successful scientist on this undersea mission! The colorful reef around the former pirates’ island is a paradise for scientists from all over the world, who are working on the exploration and protection of the submarine world with their diving bots. They are sending their ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) into the depth to find certain aquatic fauna. While doing so they also keep their eyes open for the odd pirates’ treasure that might have made its way to the ocean’s floor. A few pearls are also welcome to finally become not only a respected scientist but also a wealthy one… Rules: EN / DE / FR / NL Age: 10 - 99 Players: 2 till 4 Playing time: 30 minutes Publisher: HUCH!

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Coralia  Boardgame Huch EN/NL/FR/DE
Coralia  Boardgame Huch EN/NL/FR/DE
Coralia  Boardgame Huch EN/NL/FR/DE
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