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Okanagan - Matagot EN/ NL/ FR/ ES

  • Okanagan - Matagot EN/ NL/ FR/ ES
Okanagan -Valley of the Lakes The Wilderness of canada is in your hands. Shape their map to explore, build and acquire assets. Plan the best actions to achieve your goals and then win the game! Players explore the okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada by drawing tiles that represent different territories. On each of these territories are rewards that players will claim to score victory points. The player with the most victory points after two rounds of play is declared winner. Rules: EN / NL / FR / ES For 2 to 4 players from age10 Playing time: 45 minutes Publisher: Matagot

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Okanagan - Matagot EN/ NL/ FR/ ES
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  • Brand: Matagot
  • Size: 31.5cm x 22.5cm x 7.8cm (H x B x D)