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Rossio - Boardgame EN/DE/ES

The king D. Pedro V orders the squares and streets of the city to be paved with traditional Portuguese pavement.
For this project he called the greatest stonemasons in the country. Are you ready to inscribe your name in posterity?
On a game’s round, starting from the first player and going clockwise, each player performs his turn by recruiting 1 helper card from his hand, building tiles in the square and drawing a card from the market.
- Very fluid and fast playing tile laying game
- Great table presence where players are actually filling a void with tiles
- Very easy to learn the rules for families, hard to master for gamers

Rules: EN / ES / DE
Age: 8 and up
Players: 1 - 4
Playing time: 45 minutes
Publisher: Pythagoras

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Rossio - Boardgame EN/DE/ES
Rossio - Boardgame EN/DE/ES
Rossio - Boardgame EN/DE/ES
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