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Boomerang BHOOT Left 25m.

  • Boomerang BHOOT Left 25m.
Boomerang BHOOT, lefthanded. Size 31.5 cm, weight 55 gram. Circle 25 meter. Produced in the EU, made of high quality multi-layer wood. Brand: Boomerang Fan. Dutch, English, French, German manual. All Boomerangs are garanteed to work properly. Due to the nature of the sport, we are unable to give warranty on the boomerangs when they break.

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Boomerang BHOOT Left 25m.
  • Product Code: 56408L
  • EAN: 3468150000832
  • Packing unit: 1
  • Minimum order: 1
  • Brand: Boomerang Fan
  • Recommended retail price: 31.5