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Cyclades Titans - Matagot EN/FR/DE/PL

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Cyclades Titans - Matagot
The second expansion for Cyclades, includes
a new game board with large islands on which
ground attacks can be carried out as well as
the Titans of Greek legend, who can conduct
attacks without the help of Ares.
With the help of the Gods, there are now
6 great cities of ancient Greece fighting for supremacy.
The Titans expansion allows for up to 6 players,
and offers 2 game modes:
• From 3 to 5: competitive game.
« Everyone for himself » just like in the base game.
The goal is still to have two Metropolises at the end of a cycle.
• With 4 or 6 players: team-play (with teams of two)

Base game required

Rules: EN / FR / DE / PL
For 3 to 6 players, from age 14
Playing time: 60 - 90 minutes
Publisher: Matagot
Physical features
Height 27.80cm
Width 39.80cm
Depth 6.00cm
Weight per outer carton 9.10kg
General Characteristics
Minimum number of players 3
Maximum number of players 6
Manual available in the languages English, German, French, Polish

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Cyclades Titans - Matagot EN/FR/DE/PL
Cyclades Titans - Matagot EN/FR/DE/PL