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Libraria game

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Libraria is a complete information majorities and area control abstract game for two players.
Players take the role of librarians who duel for the control of the books in the bookshelf, while trying to avoid book-eating mice. The board is created by 25 randomized tiles to keep the game fresh each match.
Players take turns placing counters of their color on the intersections of the tiles. When the board is full (after each player has placed 18 counters), the majorities are checked for each tile. The player who has the majority of corners of a tile receives the books inside as points. A mouse is worth -1pt because it eats a book. In case of total control of the tile, the points received or lost are increased by 1.

Gamerules: EN / NL
For 2 players
Age 7 and up
Playingtime 5 - 10 minutes
Physical features
Height 18.00cm
Width 13.00cm
Depth 3.80cm
Weight per outer carton 2.40kg
General Characteristics
Minimum number of players 2
Maximum number of players 2
Manual available in the languages Dutch, English

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Libraria game
Libraria game