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Qango, Large mat 55 cm. game for 2 players

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Qango, strategisch boardgame for 2 players.
Qango is an abstract 2 player game that plays quickly and is explained even faster.
Players place their discs on a square multicolored board and try to either get 3 of their discs in one group of the same color, 4 discs in a square shape, or 5 discs in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row to immediately win the game.
They place one disc at a time and except and aren't limited in how to place the disc after the first move.
The game contains a single sided mat 55 x 55 cm and 31 mm pieces.

German Version. (see video on our website or youtube for explanation)
For 2 players.
Age 7 and up.
Playingtime 2-8 minutes.
Qango Verlag.
Physical features
Height 10.50cm
Width 61.00cm
Depth 10.50cm
Weight per outer carton 0.78kg
General Characteristics
Minimum number of players 2
Maximum number of players 2
Manual available in the languages Dutch, German

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Qango, Large mat 55 cm. game for 2 players
Qango, Large mat 55 cm. game for 2 players