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Old Masters - EN/DE/NL

Old Masters
Fulfill orders as quickly as possible, and the while improving your tools and technique.
Build the engine of your painters' studio as fast and efficiently as you can, taking in account
not only this round but also the next, while also keeping on eye on your competitors!
Cope with difficult choices every turn and the coristanturgency to finish your paintings as quickly as possible!

Rules: EN/DE/NL
Age: 10+
Players: 2 to 4
Playing time: 45 - 60 min.
Publisher: Keep Exploring Games

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Old Masters - EN/DE/NL
Old Masters - EN/DE/NL
  • Product Code: 793458
  • EAN: 8720299730007
  • Packing unit: 6
  • Minimum order: 1
  • Brand: Keep Exploring Games
  • Size: 29.3cm x 29.3cm x 7.3cm (H x B x D)
  • Recommended retail price: 45