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Alhambra Roll & Write EN/DE/NL-Queen Games

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  • Brand: Queen Games
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Alhambra Roll & Write
Your goal is to build your own version of the Alhambra palace. The dice determine which of the six types of buildings you can construct – pavilions, serails, arcades, chambers, gardens and towers.
You will constantly compete with your fellow architects, since having the most of each building type will earn the most points at the end of the game. Try to build adjacent, as completing rows and columns will earn extra points.
Use the dice wisely and pass the right ones on to your fellow players. Collect the most victory points to become the best builder.

Rules: EN / DE
Age: 8 and up
Players: 1 - 5
Playing time: 30 - 45 minutes
Publisher: Queen Games
QG no. 10532
Physical features
Height 27.00cm
Width 17.00cm
Depth 3.50cm
Weight per outer carton 7.00kg
General Characteristics
Minimum number of players 2
Maximum number of players 6
Manual available in the languages English, German

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Alhambra Roll & Write EN/DE/NL-Queen Games
Alhambra Roll & Write EN/DE/NL-Queen Games