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Ice Floes & Foes -Standaard editie NL/EN

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Ice Floes & Foes -Standaard editie NL/EN

In Ice Floes & Foes, 2-6 players will try and save
the seals and whales from the shing boats and
hunters. Push ice oes onto the board, and aim to
get the shing boats and hunters to fall o the
board on the other side. Be careful not to push the
seals and whales o the board though!
The goal of the game is to collect 5 points. Each
shing boat and hunter you push o the board
yields you one point. On your turn, you may push
three ice oes onto the board. But be careful,
because if you push an animal o the board, your
turn ends immediately! The rst player to collect a
combination of 5 shing boats and hunters ends
and wins the game. And don’t be mistaken, in this
game kids and adults have an equal chance of
Fun for both young kids, older kids and parents
Easy to learn, hard to master
Equal chances to win for everyone due to the
unpredictable nature of the ice oe movements
Feels like you’re in the arcade playing the coin
shoving game
Physical features
Height 22.00cm
Width 29.00cm
Depth 7.20cm
Weight per outer carton 7.00kg
General Characteristics
Minimum number of players 1
Maximum number of players 4
Manual available in the languages Dutch, English

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Ice Floes & Foes -Standaard editie NL/EN
Ice Floes & Foes -Standaard editie NL/EN