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AEROBIE-Pro-Blade rectangular

  • Product Code: 560004
  • EAN: 0778988376959
  • Packing unit: 12
  • Minimum order: 1
  • Brand: Aerobie
  • Recommended retail price: 17.99

Aerobie Pro Blade. Get ready and throw the Aerobie Pro Blade for incredible flight performance. For both right- and left-handed throwers, these are the easiest rings to throw and catch. Innovative technology allows the ring to level itself as it rotates in the air, making it even easier to catch. Made of the same soft rubber as the other Aerobies, so easy to catch. Length of the sides: 35 x 27 cm. Watch out when water doesn't float! Aerobie USA.
Physical features
Height 36.50cm
Width 35.50cm
Depth 0.50cm
Weight per outer carton 2.40kg

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AEROBIE-Pro-Blade rectangular
AEROBIE-Pro-Blade rectangular